The Orchid Recovery Center Offers High Quality Treatment

Posted by - Admin / November 24th, 2010

The Orchid Recovery Center is a place where female substance abuse patients can go in order to get away from their substance abuse problems and, hopefully, find solutions. It is one of the most respected alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in South Florida. The Orchid Recovery Center offers high quality treatment to female substance abuse patients. The Orchid Recovery Center treats only females. While some substance abuse clinics attempt to cater to patients of both sexes, the staff at the Orchid Recovery Center actually believe that this can be detrimental to the process of rehabilitation. Indeed, they believe that programs like that ignore the significant emotional, mental, and physical differences between substance abuse patterns in males and females. The rehabilitation process can actually go much slower if you ignores these very real differences

Substance abuse is caused by different things in males and females, so it makes all the sense in the world that the solutions might be different too. Men do not often experience the guilt, shame, or social stigmas that females often suffer from. Deep rooted mental health issues and poor self-esteem are also much more likely amongst females than males. Dr. Karen Dodge is the inventor of the program they use at the Orchid Recovery Center, called the “Orchid Model”. It is a style of rehabilitation that emphasizes the need for female patient having an interdependent network of female patients to rely on.