Men and women are inherently different, and as such they enter into addictions differently. The Orchid is founded on this idea and is designed to help women recover and heal from alcohol and drug addictions.

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Orchid Recovery Center – Rehab Designed Just For A Woman’s Special Needs

Up until recently, both men and women who were suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol were treated in much the same way. However, we’re now beginning to realize that women and men enter into addiction for different reasons and their bodies respond differently to those addictions, which begs the question, “Why are we treating them the same?”

Orchid Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab facility that’s been designed specifically for the woman in mind. Orchid was built on the fact that women have very different psychological, hormonal and physiological profiles than men. And these differences have implications regarding the most effective way to treat women and get them on the road to recovery. Orchid’s treatments include fitness therapy and nutritional counseling designed to maximize a woman’s health and energy while she heals.

The staff at Orchid also realize the tremendous stress that drug and alcohol abuse puts on the body’s digestion and recuperative organs. Their first order of physical recovery is to help repair the damage and strengthen these organs through proper nutrition and restoring energy levels. At Orchid, clients are encouraged to choose and prepare the foods that heal stressed organs and maintain optimum energy levels so that they can take that knowledge with them to maintain their health for the rest of their lives.

Another issue that’s often misunderstood by traditional rehab centers is that, psychologically, women who become addicted have different narrative profiles than men who become addicted. In most cases, women have a greater tendency to develop addictions in order to cope with trauma and emotional pain than men. Plus, women have to face undue societal and cultural pressures that men don’t experience.

Because Orchid Recovery Center is solely for women, patients can be sure that they’re getting the care that’s going get at the heart of the addiction to bring complete healing.

The therapeutic techniques used at Orchid not only encompass the one-on-one counseling therapy treatment, but also additional forms of treatment that allow women to safely explore and address their personal issues. Women are able to express their feelings and emotions through dynamic experimental group work, family sculpting, psychodrama treatment, art therapy and group therapy. Also, Orchid believes that true healing doesn’t end when an addiction is defeated, rather, they believe that only by treating the woman’s mind, body and spirit will she truly be free from her addiction.

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The Orchid

Men and women are inherently different, and as such they enter into addictions differently. The Orchid is founded on this idea and is designed to help women recover and heal from alcohol and drug addictions.

There are several steps to recovery including reestablishing physical, mental and emotional well-being. In a loving and safe environment, the counselors at the Orchid help women uncover unresolved trauma. It’s important to note that the environment consists completely of women because often the unresolved trauma involves men or domestic abuse. When a woman does not resolve trauma, she may begin self-medicating, entering into addiction. By healing theses deeper wounds, women can make lasting change.

But physical health is important to recovery, considering the destructive effect of drugs and alcohol on the body. Exercise works as a form of therapy because it can raise good moods, self-esteem and reduce stress.

Nutrition plays an important role as well, in terms of maintaining energy levels and healing stressed organs. Paired with calming and fun activities like yoga and massage, The Orchid provides a place to heal holistically. The Orchid uses many therapeutic exercises to help women live healthy lives upon leaving. In particular, the life skills therapy model is one such successful program that helps retrain women to do daily tasks without drugs or alcohol. This could be as simple as grocery shopping or as fun as a day at the beach. The Orchid might be able to help you or your loved one to recover.

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